Website Promotion

Website Promotion
What good is a website if it can't be found online via popular search engines like Yahoo, MSN or Google? At AF web design we will help you get exposure on the web so you can be found online by the keywords relating to your business. We will help you with the following activities in order to help you gain visitors and make your website and business popular on the internet.

Researching Keywords
Keywords are at the heart of web site promotion. Right keyword selection can bring tons of traffic to your website. With our unique developed tools, we will be able to easily identify the keywords for your website and present them to you in a format you like and understand. We will be able to tell you the keywords that need to be used to a successful campaign. We will also be able to design your pages in a way that the search engines can gain access to every bit of information on your website.

Article writing
A winning article writing strategy can go a long way in viral marketing. This involves writing articles and submitting them to popular websites with the hope that the article will be accepted and displayed on their website. Within the article, we provide links to get back to your website and many of the internet users will click and get to your site and research your products and services. Article directories have proliferated like crazy and now you will be able to find hundreds of article directories that in turn promote your article to thousands of other sites.

Old fashioned directory submission
We cherry pick the best and finest directories on the web for you. Some of them are free but some require a yearly or a one time fee. We will be able to tell you which of the directories will work best for your business and then request addition of your link in the directory. We will research the right category submission for the directory and followup with the request and keep you posted.

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