Website Pricing

Website Pricing
Pricing at AF web design is based on a number of factors.

Some of the common question we ask and seek answers for include

How many pages do you want?
How many products you intend to sell?
What kind of hosting is required?
What kind of upkeep and maintenance will be needed?
Do you need special features like Flash, Form to email or Statistics?

Depending on the answers, we will be able to provide you with the right pricing for your web design project. Talk to a web design consultant at AF web design to better understand our pricing structure. Once we understand your requirements, we will be better equipped to provide you with affordable web design pricing. We compare our prices from time to time with those of our competitors and our pricing is very competitive compared to the quality web solutions we provide to our clients. Before we begin your project, we will be able to send you a complete pricing for your website. Only when you have reviewed and approved, we will begin your project. This will give you a gauranteed peace of mind that you have reviewed the pricing. Besides you will be able to budget accordingly for your web design needs.

If your project is a simple 5 page website, we will be able to give you a quote over the phone. If your project includes web development, we will have a couple of either face to face or telephone meeting to better gauge what you are looking for and then document the meeting and send the requirements for your review. Once you review the design document we will be able to provide you with the right pricing for your needs. If your project is web development, we will be able to deliver it in phases. ex phase I delivered in the first month, phase II in the next month and so on. We will be able to track our progress and deadlines and send you a report each week on where we stand with your project.


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